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Are you able to sample and manufacture my designs?

We work mainly with retailers and brands but are more than happy to listen to your plans and requirements should you have a startup brand ready to commit to development and production. We would always suggest a call and possibly a meeting to discuss your needs and plans in the first instance to understand you and the brand a little more, from this point we could move to produce your initial prototypes and finally sales and and pre-production samples. We would would also suggest a possible factory visit for you and your team once we are in the position to start production to view the facility and to meet the team involved in the manufacture, QC and ultimately shipping of your orders.


Do you have minimum order qtys?

Depending on where in the World the production would be made will effect the minimum order we could expect. As a guideline we work with factories in Europe with 150 pairs per style per colour, In Asia this would raise to 350 pairs per colour per style owing to the scale of the factory, but this could be reduced depending on the production program and order forecasts.


What about the Environmental issues at the factories, how do you manage this?

We understand the need to reduce where possible the use on non-recycled and non-recyclable materials and components as well as working to reduce our products carbon footprint. For many years now we have been at the front in the use of recyclable or biodegradable materials including materials such as Cork Leather, Wool, Hemp, Natural Rubber, Recycled plastics, Natural Leathers and various plant based leathers and fibres as well as recycling parts such as laces and soles where possible at our production facilities. Our factories have over the years been working hard to minimise overall waste and in certain cases now actively look to reprocess any industrial waste created. Governance of all things environmental is very close to our hearts and that of our supply chain, we have worked hard with the supply team to better understand and plan for and addressing current and forthcoming environmental targets with the individual manufacturing regions.

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